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3 VS. 4 Season Tent Which One Is Right For You

Finding the right gear for your next outdoor adventure is vital. But the outdoor gear market is saturated with tons of seemingly great gear, and can leave you feeling confused on which tent is right for you.

You’ve probably heard that 3-season tents are best suited for spring, summer, and fall while 4-season tents can be used any time of the year. While that is somewhat true, choosing the correct tent for you depends on much more than just the season.

Winter is Coming! You’re Gonna Need This Tent

Our CataMount™ 2 is a two-person, cold weather mountaineering tent designed as a highly stable, lightweight, ruck-able shelter made to handle ever-changing weather conditions. Our cold weather tent is extremely simple to set-up and operate, configurable to multiple mission sets, and capable of protecting soldiers during cold weather and mountain operations.