Wet/Cold Weather Pants

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Engineered for rain, high wind, and extreme cold conditions, our lightweight trousers are made with GORE-TEX® fabric deliver unsurpassed comfort in a broad range of weather conditions.

The durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable GORE-TEX® fabric keeps you comfortable by allowing moisture vapor to escape from your garment, so you and your clothing stay drier. Increased breathability provides comfort by keeping you drier longer: further enhancing operational effectiveness. These lightweight garments are extremely packable, which allows you to move around and react to changing field conditions more quickly.

Our trousers are 50 percent lighter than the previous version and can be worn individually or in combination with other layers. GORE-TEX® fabric maintains its outstanding protection over time, even after exposure to JP-8, DEET, petroleum, oils, and lubricants. Our trousers also include NIR signature reduction technology that is durable for the life of the product.

Wet/Cold Weather Pants
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