LiteFighter 1 X Series Individual Shelter System


We’ve bundled our one person tent with a complete kit of our most popular gear. This big bundle means HUGE savings. Here’s what’s included:

  • LiteFighter 1 Individual Shelter System
  • Waterproof Groundsheet
  • Aluminum Pole Set
  • Tuff Sack

Our  LiteFighter® 1 is a unique lightweight, multi-season, individual shelter system that can be used both on the ground as an individual waterproof tent and on a standard issue US military cot as a bug-proof bed net. The LiteFighter 1 has successfully protected thousands of Warfighters during CONUS Field Training, Emergency Response Missions, and while deployed to multiple hot spots around the world. This tent is also ideal for avid outdoorsmen who want Military Grade Shelter and Protection. With five possible configurations, the LiteFighter 1 is the most versatile individual tent in the market!

LiteFighter 1 X Series Individual Shelter System
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